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We are a full service provider of CCTV & Camera Security Systems !

We have a full section of Analog Cameras, IP Cameras and HD-SDI Cameras.

Sales – We can provider you with the cameras or security systems for your home or business !

Service – We service all major makes and brands of security cameras and security systems !

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CCTV security cameras & security camera systems play an important consideration in today’s world. In business, having the right technology in place to monitor and to protect your assets, is an area that some often overlooked until it is too late.

 Imagine the peace of mind you will enjoy when you know that your home or business is protected and safe. Our CCTV & security camera systems give you the ability to monitor your property from anywhere in the world as long as you have a connection to the Internet.

MasterVision has the experience and insight you need to make sure that your Security Cameras & Security Camera Systems systems are designed, installed and serviced correctly. So whether you need to monitor your employees, check in on your loved ones at home, or just give yourself peace of mind when traveling, our security camera systems are just what you are looking for!

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Our main office and shipping location is located in Tampa, FL. We ship all items via UPS or FedEx.


Installation service is also available locally in Tampa or anywhere in the US. We are a full service installation company with technicians available locally in Tampa or across the US.



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We offer our own personal line of IP & Analog cameras. Below is a list of additional camera systems that we sell, service and support :

  • AXIS Security Cameras
  • ACTi Security Cameras
  • Arecont IP Cameras
  • Bosch Security Cameras
  • Dahua Security Cameras
  • Digital WatchDog Security Cameras
  • Everfocus Security Cameras
  • Eclipse CCTV Security Cameras
  • Night Owl Security Cameras
  • Pelco Security Camera

If you do not see a brand listed, we still can support it. These are a few of the major brands available today.  Contact us directly for more information.

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 Security Camera & CCTV System Services Provided

  • Security Camera Installation
  • Security Camera Repair
  • Security System Installation
  • Security Camera Upgrades
  • Multi-Site Camera Systems
  • Enterprise Security System Design / RFP
  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • Construction Site Security Cameras
  • Covert / Hidden Cameras
  • Car Dash Camera Systems

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Analog Security Camera & Connection

Standard definition between 400TVL – 800TVL cameras. These security cameras have been around since the beginning and are currently being replaced with newer technology. Analog CCTV cameras use 1 analog video connector (BNC) and 1 power connection (Typically 12vdc – 24vdc). Analog security cameras must connect back to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) where the video is store on the DVR’s hard drive.

IP Security Camera & Connection

HQ Camera definitions from 1080p , 1.3 MP, 3 MP, 5MP +. IP Camera technology has been around for a few years but gives a higher quality image for viewing and recording. IP & HD-SDI cameras are primarily used in HI Security environments such as retail and casinos . IP Cameras give flexibility in installations when used in commercial environments being able to utilize existing IT networks and infrastructure.

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